Thursday, March 13, 2014

Om Nom Pinhead

Pinhead Om Nom is the latest addition to my wonderful world of deranged Om Nom’s.

The Cenobites started out with such humble beginnings in
The Hellbound Heart, but then it wasn't really their story, it belonged to Frank and Julia. As should have been the movie Hellraiser, which stayed very close to the book, except Doug Bradly stole the show like some twisted Shirley Temple. With his merciless black eyes and resonating voice, it’s no wonder he became everyone’s Cenobite sweetheart.

clip contains some of his best lines. The Cenobites come in at the 5:30 mark.

Clive Barker writes about how the fans built their own mythology around those earlier pieces in his
introduction to the first Hellraiser comic. There you will also find a synopsis of all the Epic Hellraiser issues.

I love the combination of artwork and prose as a medium to express those ideas. A good friend of mine is not only responsible for introducing me to the Hellraiser comics, but he also produced the incredible work of fan fiction,
Hopes And The Damned.

Other examples of image and verse can be found in the collection at the
Pyramid Gallery, which further explores the puzzle boxes created by Lemarchand. There are music boxes, artwork and clever histories.

Another interesting puzzle box is the
Cilicium Pandoric. The story of the Cilicium Pandoric is the second story about Sister Cilice written by Barbie Wilde who also played the Female Cenobite in the movie Hellbound:Hellraiser II.

The first story was her contribution to the
Hellbound Hearts anthology. I thought this quote from an interview on The Labyrinth is worth noting. "It was inspired by re-reading Clive's Hellbound Heart novella at that time (where the Lead Cenobite is depicted as female) and didn't come from working on the Hellbound movie in any way." I would have assumed it was based on her movie role, I tend to forget the cenobite that would later become Pinhead, was written as having "the voice of an excited girl".

A little more on my Om Nom, I meant to give him leathery duds, but I found a Photoshop filter that gave his outfit more of a vinyl look. I know I'll probably go to Hell for this, but it cracks me up to think of Pinhead Om Nom be-boppin' up to the other Cenobites in his cruelty free pleather pants.

OK, now I'm going to Hell for sure.

If you want to do a better job of coloring than I did, here's your chance.