Friday, January 30, 2015

Skull A Day Vitamins

I finally got around to photographing a few potion bottles.  First up is the long overdue Skull A Day vitamins which I did ages ago.  It's a parody of Bayer's One A Day Women's multivitamins. The "vitamins" are air-dry clay, which is naturally a nice skull color, but then I decided to do some orange ones so I added food coloring to the clay.  The logo in the lower left hand corner is for Phantom Pharmaceuticals, I hope we'll see more products from them in the future. The cool skull "A" is from the Skullphabet courtesy of
Funny fact or testament to my cranial density: I found the Skullphabet on and even though SkullADay is clearly listed as the creator, I totally didn't pay attention.  It was over a year later while taking my multivitamin that the light bulb went off and I created this label.  Afterwards I figured Skull A Day was too perfect for me to possibly be the first person to come up with it, so I did a search to see what else was out there.  That's when I finally found, which of course was love at first sight.  So many beautiful skulls, from the original first year to all the skulls that followed, skulls as far as the eye could see in every shape, shade and medium.  They were even kind enough to post my skull submissions. 
And here's the label if you have a hankering to make your own vitamins: