Wednesday, July 4, 2018

July 4th

For the 4th of July I offer this "monster".  It's pure coincidence that all the pieces and parts came together in what could be interpreted as a commentary on the political climate here in the good old USA.  It's also mere chance that it was created just a few days prior to this significant date during my first time playing Bears Vs Babies.

Which was super fun by the way. Although that might have more to do with my fellow players than the actual game. I can't honestly be objective about the game itself, because I think we had more fun checking out each others monsters than actually trying to win the game. You need to be with the right crowd to truly appreciate and marvel at your monster creations. The cards we were using included the NSFW pack, and it definitely takes the right kind of people to appreciate three hairy boobs or a penis playing a banjo.

Also noteworthy is that until right before my monster battled the babies the eagle head was hidden behind a black ski mask. Oh and the saucy sombrero doubles points, so it won and got to eat all the babies. 

Who knew this game was so deep? I'm thinking it would be fun to do tarot readings with these cards.