Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monster Flowers and Recycled Vases

My inspiration came from these Monster Mum Topiaries,
but I didn't like that they used Styrofoam balls.  
 I really hate buying Styrofoam, it makes me feel dirty, but not in a good way.
Yes, along the blurred edges of my morality, that’s where I choose to draw the line.
For my version you only need three flowers, something with a lot of little petals,
so it looks "furry", wire, floral tape, and two googly eyes.  
Clip two flowers leaving at least two inches of stem and tightly wire them to the third. 
Wrap the stems with floral tape to hide the wire.  Then glue on the googly eyes.

The vase is made from a Method laundry detergent bottle.

Unscrew the top and remove the red tube.  Pop off the top of the cap. 
Give the post sticking down from the cap ring a little snap and it will pop out.

Screw the ring back onto the bottle and paint. Find something creative to do with the spare parts. Coolest thing I’ve seen so far is gluing poker chips on the ends of the springs and then adding googly eyes to the poker chips for some crazy looking eye stalks. 

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