Thursday, April 3, 2014

Andean Condor Gastric Acid

Prior to creating this label, I hadn't really thought about vultures.  They are just fuggly looking birds that eat dead stuff and show up in old westerns, right?

They are so much cooler than that, everything about their design has purpose.  Most of it's disgusting, but it's all very fascinating. I've also decided that vultures can be beautiful, cute even. 

I picked the Andean Condor from the New World vulture family because with it's 10 foot wingspan it's a huge bird, so I figure it should have lots of gastric acid to share.

If you'd like to learn some interesting stuff about vultures, here are a couple of sources that are as entertaining as they are enlightening.

There is some great information on New World Vultures at Real Monstrosities.

And this awesome video about vulture fluids from SciShow.

The label is short and sweet.  MS Office clip art and Freebooter font by GemFonts.

Since my bottle is opaque I didn't have to worry about contents, but if I were in mind to make some gastric acid.  I would mix a little pale yellow acrylic paint, with a touch of olive green and blend that into some floral water and pour it very slowly to get lots of tiny bubbles. 

Here's a label if you'd like to make your own bottle of acid.

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