Sunday, November 9, 2014

Craft Party 2014

Here are a few highlights from this years craft party.  There was a lot of stuff I didn't get pictures of, but each year I get a little better.  Even though I'm just getting around to posting about it now, it always takes place either the first or second weekend of October each year before things get crazy busy.  I'd like to take a moment to thank all the people that helped to make this a success.

Voodoo dolls were very popular this year.  I was told the doll on the left is from the 80's.  Apparently eyelash yarn also makes great Pat Benatar.

Shrinky dinks were a huge hit with the adults.  Oh my god, did they get excited.  I love to see people get giddy. The spider web is from, the sugar skull is from, the owl is from Naxuo The little monsters are from  .  I forgot I had some Crayola glitter markers in with my permanent marker stash, but it turns out they work really well for adding a little sparkle.


Potion bottles never go out of style.  A friend brought a bunch of bottles from an estate sale and colored sand.  The sand not only colored the water but foamed up when shaken.



This is one of the estate bottles complete with an earwig embedded in what can only be a hard lump of earwax.  You may have heard that earwigs don't actually invade peoples ears, but that's just what the earwigs want you to believe. You probably already have an earwig that's eaten its way into your brain and you just don't realize it. 

This was another gift, a bottle full of gummy teeth.

A very popular potion bottle this year was the drowning skeleton. It wasn't a planned craft, but a collaborative effort that started with a rubber skeleton that just wouldn't stay properly drowned. Tying a nut or washer to weigh them down worked great.  By the end of the day there were a half dozen different versions.

Helpful hint: Weather permitting, having loose potion ingredients (spices, herbs, beans, pasta, sand) on a table outside makes for easy cleanup. 
There were spiders and other random things... this cute skull is from and Thing 1 and Thing 2's creepy cousin.

I made Bailey's Skull again, this time without the vodka and with little hand molds. I also modified the recipe to emulate a Pink Panther cocktail to make little brains and hopefully I'll get that recipe posted soon. 

Update: Here's the recipe for Amaretto Brains.

The following are two crafts I decided to add at the last minute. 

I didn't have a lot to offer by way of example except for a few random pictures of toilet paper roll owls, but I love the way the owls turned out, especially thanks to my friend who let us use her paper punches.


Another friend cut out the templates for this bat while I was frantically running around like a decapitated cockroach at the last minute. The tutorial for this can be found at

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