Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Palm Weaving More Cowbell Edition

A few years ago a wonderful woman, who has been like a mother to me, invited me to join her and her friends in weaving palms on Good Friday and I've been going every year since.  It is a religious craft, but I haven't burst into flames yet, so don't believe everything you see in the movies.  It also works out that most of the people in my life that don't appreciate my creepier crafts, love getting these palm weavings. It's nice, if not a little weird, to see them genuinely excited over something I've made. 

This year I combined the crown of thorns I learned from the ladies, the flower I figured out last year, and a cross weave tutorial I found on the internet.  In other words, a palm cross with more cowbell. 

And here is another variation on the cross with more loops.

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