Thursday, October 26, 2017

Zucchini Carving

So not another zucchini recipe, but a way to use zucchini nonetheless.  I've been seeing some amazing zucchini carvings on the internet.  I didn't realize that was a thing.  Some of them are quite beautiful, but pretty is not my thing.

I like the ones that could be used for Halloween décor like a toothy alligator , monsters, a skeleton, a ghost, evil grins and creepy faces.

I decided to try my hand at it, even though carving isn't in my skill set.  I prefer making things where I build up layers. Removing negative space is a hard concept for my brain to wrap around.  Still, I'm pretty happy with how this guy turned out.  I used a paring knife, potato peeler and a hammered loop of wire (my attempt at making a carving tool).

If you check out the alligator, make sure to look at the watermelon skull on the same site.  The chickens pecking the brains is priceless.

Update:  A week later, which has been cold and dry, and the surface of the skull is drying out.  I like the way it looks.  Here he is with a newly carved friend and my daughters mini pumpkin.

This is what he looks like with mood lighting:

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