Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sugar Skull Bunnies

This all started when my eight year old invited me to draw with her the other week.  She drew a flowering lily pad reflecting on the water and I drew this Easter egg, sugar skull inspired bunny.  Over the next few days she continued practicing lily pads, and I decided to follow her lead and work on improving my bunnies. 

I colored my first two sketches with colored pencils and liked them less as a result.  I like coloring with crayons more and that gave me the idea to turn my sketches into coloring pages.

I used Adobe Photoshop, which I’ve been slowly learning on a need to know basis. This video was very helpful, although I kept to using basic lines.

Now I can mess up as much as I want, the kids can color them and you can too. 



  1. sugar skull them:-)

  2. Great idea, I love these little guys.
    Wishing you a scary Easter,

  3. So cool, thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the compliments, I’m glad you all like them.