Friday, June 21, 2013

Om Nom Vampire

I’ve decided to twist Om Nom into things that go bump in the night.  To start things off here is my take on the classic vampire. 
I could never do those “How to Draw” books, where they go from basic shapes to a detailed drawing in five easy steps.  I couldn’t get past step 1, my shapes were always disproportionate and never looked like the pictures. I thought after 30 years it couldn’t hurt to try again.  These Om Nom instructions are about as simple as you can get and I still couldn’t get mine to look the same.  That’s alright because mine are more Om Nom’s deranged second cousins anyway.
I’m also trying to learn how to color in Photoshop.  I looked at a few tutorials and what I learned was everyone does it differently.  So I’m just going to play until I figure out what works for me.  Here’s a black and white version if you’d like to color your own. 

Some Vampire literature that I don’t think gets nearly
enough recognition, in no particular order:


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