Monday, December 4, 2017

Creepmas Yard Displays

First of all I should have pointed this out day one, but I forgot all about it.  There's this cool Krampus Advent Calendar online

Continuing on, earlier this year after admiring the Krampus set at a local haunt, I was curious if with the latest surge of Krampus enthusiasm if homeowners were including him in their holiday displays.

I did find this display which caused quite an uproar in the neighborhood decorating contest.   I love the Krampus, the homeowner did a fantastic job creating him.

At the end of the article they said they had a few "Nightmare Before Christmas" entries also. I love it when people come over to the dark side. I failed to find pictures of those, but I did something a little closer to home...

You have to read the article where there are more amazing pictures, but basically this guy makes all his own props to create a display that spans down the block.  After Halloween it gets pulled back to just his yard but he changes it up to match the movie's timeline. I can't imagine the time and effort that goes into this.  Some people are truly extraordinary. Currently the facebook page is posting Christmas Town.  While this isn't quite in my backyard it's close enough that I'm embarrassed that it's taken me this long to find out this exists.  

This is a cool video of the display:


  1. Haven't seen any Krampus displays here yet, but then again, nobody even has their Christmas decorations up yet near me...Should all be going up this week sometime so I'll keep an eye out for any horned beasties! ;)

    1. There are lots of decorations around here, but it’s all very tame. I’m just as bad, I bought a light-up narwhal this year. [The shame…but he’s so adorable.]