Saturday, August 3, 2013

Skullified Footware

I've been hearing about how comfortable these sandals are. They've been my daughters choice of footwear for the past two summers, so when I saw a pair on sale I thought what the hell. 

I really am a function before fashion girl, but these were so blah, I had to do something.  If I've learned anything from my recent Bob the Builder adventure it's that everything can be dressed up with a few skulls.  I used a combination of Testors paint pens and Sharpies.

For the record I don't find them all that comfortable.  I am spoiled, I get to spend most of the summer barefoot, and it's hard to find anything more comfortable than that.  The nicest thing I can say is they are really easy to slip on when I do need footwear and of course now they look really cool. 

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