Thursday, August 22, 2013

Halloween Dream Catcher

This is the tutorial that I used to learn how to make dream catchers, the step by step photos are very helpful.  The tutorial at shows how to make one with grapevine, also worth reading is their origin of the dream catcher. Someday I'll have to make an old school dream catcher that actually looks like a spider web.

I recommend trying it once with the first method using a metal ring or embroidery hoop to learn the technique before you tackle the grapevine.  The grapevine is slightly trickier, it has some give, so it becomes really important to keep an even tension as you work your way around so the hoop doesn't get twisted. Also I find my yarn snags on the rough surface of the vine as I'm feeding it through. 

The main thing I do differently from the grapevine tutorial is to spray paint it black.  To further complicate things I like to use Fun Fur yarn. I'm honestly not sure why I think a spider web should be black and hairy, but I like the way it looks.  A smoother yarn or waxed cord would probably snag less.  It does become difficult to see what your doing when you get to the center, at that point I use a large eyed blunt needle instead of my fingers to work the yarn.  The good thing is all the wispy hairs help to camouflage any mistakes you make.

Besides using Halloween colors, skull pony beads (not pictured) add a nice touch.  I ordered a bag through the Oriental Trading Company years ago.  We use them for a number of projects and still haven't used them all. 

Of course no web is complete without a spider, and here is how I make mine

You can make dream catchers any size you'd like, but the smaller the hoop the more difficult it is to work. For really small dream catchers you could try using bangle bracelets with a thinner thread and for larger ones try hula hoops with a thick yarn. Using irrigation tubing you can not only make your own hula hoops, but you can make ginormous dream catchers. 

Here is an even easier version for kids at and there is also more information on their site about dream catchers.

One more website, shows a lot of different variations that I'll have to try in the future. 

Last I'd recommend the children's picture book Dreamcatcher by Audrey Osofsky.  It's beautiful in picture and verse. 

Update: For a wintry version check out the ones I did for Creepmas


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