Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cute Bunny/ Evil Bunny

Cute Bunny

A little late for Easter, but I knew if I didn't post it now I probably never would. Awhile ago I wanted to do a follow up to my Sugar Skull Bunnies.  With pencil and paper in hand I was determined to create some sort of long eared monstrosity.  What you see pictured above was not it.  I don't draw much, but when I do, I have very little creative control over what happens.   Despite my best intentions it was the evil little bunny below that materialized and wouldn't go away. Try as I may, that was the most diabolical thing I could come up with.  Sometimes the only way to exorcise the demons is to bring them into being.   A month later I guess the planets realigned, or the bunny I wanted finally hit the front of the queue, because out of the blue the guy above jumped out of my pencil with all of his cute toothy adorableness. 

I'd like to thank this tutorial for helping me clean up my sketches. 

Evil Bunny

Storytime:  Once upon a time when I was in the Marines, I was pulled to assist with Evening Colors, which for any of you civilians is when the flag is lowered at the end of the day.  It was just our area flag, so it was a small detail in a somewhat secluded spot.  As we were receiving our instructions, I noticed a bunch of rabbits assembling nearby. It was a bit odd the way they lined up in a perimeter around us.  Watching. Waiting. As the soon the music started they stood up on their hunches, ears perked straight up, looking every bit like you'd expect rabbits standing at attention to look.  After the music ended they came back down and dispersed from the area.  That's my bunny story and I'm sticking to it. 

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