Saturday, April 2, 2016

Skull Snowman

I saw a post by Lady M with a skull adorned snowman, as the snow was falling this morning and I wanted one too.  I've seen intricately carved snow skulls and have always wanted to do that, but realistically I have neither the patience, nor skill to do so. It never occurred to me to use an already made skull.  Sadly, I reminded myself I had too much adulting to get done and no time to play in the snow.  But I grabbed a handful of snow off the deck and it was packable, and packable snow is all too rare around here.  So I reached a compromise, 15 minutes of snow time, then responsible adult stuff. 
After I was done my daughter poked her head out the door and with surprise in her voice exclaimed, "You really did make a snowman! I would've thought you would have made some sort of skull thing."  I had to giggle because she could only see the back from where she was standing. 

1 comment:

  1. That's awesome - glad you took some time to play in the snow. Love the grim reaper snow suit!