Saturday, December 8, 2018

He Who Must Not Be Named

[This is a bit of a teaser, but these awesome elves were available from OneailFXStudios. Currently they are not taking orders, but they are estimating they will be caught up with current demand by the 12th and resume taking new orders at that time.]

I would be remiss if I didn't have at least one post about that awful creepy elf who should remain nameless. Really he should have remained nameless. It wasn't until some mother/daughter team of sadistic brainiacs created this book, like the Christmas version of the Necronomicon, telling everyone to name the stupid thing that it really grew into existence.

If you name a thing, you give it power. Isn't that like occult 101?  Leave it to the Santa worshipers to open the gates of hell with this one.

There is an awesome story on boredpanda about one Brittany Mease, 
Mother of the Year and how her elf came to this unfortunate circumstance.  

Kevin Thompson has written 14 ways the elf on the shelf might die.  What makes it even funnier is this guy is a pastor and some of these are pretty twisted.  I would almost considering joining a religion if I had a pastor who wrote stuff like this.  

This a great review of He Who Must Not Be Named and some other disturbing Xmas toys.  The elf doesn't show up until the very end of the video.  For personal reasons I found it humorous that the reviewer noticed the similarities between the elf and slender man.  

I've been a fan of RevenantFX since the early years of Creepmas 
and they don't disappoint with their zombie elves. 

Is this an elf? He has proper elf attire.  Elf Mouse in the house, maybe?  Anyway this adorable bugger is from RatBerryToys and wouldn't freak me out at all if I saw him hanging out on shelf or anywhere else in my house.


  1. That first picture is pretty funny. Serial killer on your shelf - that ought to keep those kids in line.

    1. I love the big goofy elf ears sticking out from behind Jason’s hockey mask. It looks they are taking orders again, even just their generic evil elves look fantastically creepy.