Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Creepmas Lego Style

On the 11th day of Creepmas I give you the
   Lego Haunted House all done up for the holidays.
One of my favorite decorations is this Cthulhu inspired wreath. 
The snake garland, Santa skeletons and skull snowman are very festive too.

Up on the rooftop skeletal, demon horned, flaming eyed reindeer pause.
Out jumps dear old zombie, brain eating Santa Claus. 

And while everyone else is upstairs enjoying the Creepmas Eve party, the zombie chef is cooking up some wicked brew down in the kitchen and zombie Santa is leaving a few things under the tree that are probably best not opened.
Here's a better picture of the tree, just because I really like it.   
The creepy Jack in the Box is from the Lego Winter Toy Shop set with a skull make over. 

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