Saturday, December 1, 2012

Merry 13 Days of Creepmas

The 13 days of Creepmas may be new, but Christmas creepiness has always been there.  Sometimes it lurks behind cheery traditions, while other customs proudly wear their creepiness right out there for everyone to see. 

For me it’s also mainstream stuff that creeps me out.  Things that give the outward appearance of being joyful and nice, but they always make me feel that something diabolical waits beneath the surface, like clowns.  
So on the first day of Creepmas I give to you a Little Death with a candy cane scythe.  When I mentioned Creepmas was coming up, my daughter gleefully shouted, “I can wear a Santa hat with my death costume!”

I thought what a great idea, I also thought she would don her costume for a quick photo op and that would be it.  That wasn’t what she had in mind at all.  I did get my photo, but then we went door to door handing out candy canes bundled in ribbons with Creepmas tags to our neighbors.  I did all the talking, because she was quietly skulking in character.  Our neighbors are used to us, they come to our Halloween craft party every year, but I have to wonder what people driving by thought. 
So here’s my version of a Merry Creepmas card.  If zombies are more your thing I found these awesome Holiday cards available for free.

The scythe is my latest papier mache project.  The blade was drawn free hand on a cereal box.  I taped rolls of newspaper between the top edges of the blades to give it a tapered look.  I taped the edges and then started slapping on the papier mache, doing 5 layers of recycled paper and 2 layers of tissue paper.  I spray painted it black and finger painted on acrylic highlights.  The staff is a 5/8 wood dowel striped with electrical tape.

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