Monday, October 14, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Meet the newest addition to our toilet paper roll family, Peter & Madeline Smith. Named for the actors that played Dr. Frankenstein's monster and his love interest in Young Frankenstein.
I would  have assumed a monster would inherit its creator's surname, but in this case they prefer the anonymity. There tends to be a lot less angry villagers with pitchforks and open flames when the "Smith's" move into the neighborhood. 

For the body basics check out my TP Mummy

To give his shoes platform soles, I cut out two pairs of feet using the template and filled the space in-between with an inch wide loop of cereal box cardboard for support. Then I surrounded that with paper clay and after that dried, I applied a thin layer of air dry clay and used a comb to give it texture. After I painted it I applied an acrylic varnish.  I do foresee the possibility that the air dry clay could chip off, I'll just have to see. 

There is an awesome wolf head tutorial over at 102 Wicked Things To Do.  I'll pause while you go check it out.  Incredible isn't it?

There is some great advice on working with fake fur such as combing a part before you cut and making sure the fur is laying in the right direction.  Nothing earth shattering, but it's exactly the type of thing I wouldn't think of on my own until I was halfway through butchering a project.
Probably doesn't matter much for the few inches of fur I used, but I did follow her advice while working on Madeline's hair piece. 

Mrs. Smith's hair sections were stapled together wrong side out, the bottom edge was hot glued under and then I turn the whole thing right side out and tucked the top into itself. I just happened to have some black fur and a few scraps of white on hand, but I think she would look just as awesome with an updo of any kind of thickly textured fabric, like a heavy corduroy or cable knit.

Her eyelashes were a last minute touch, made of the same fun fur used for the dream catchers.  I like the way it looks and will definitely be pairing it up with googly eyes again in the future.

Update: To see the latest additions to the family check out Igor and Frankie

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