Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mini Salt Dough Skulls

Yesterday I posted about how to make salt dough cutout skulls.  Today’s post is about how to make simple little skulls with the left over scraps.

Step 1:  Roll the dough into a little ball about a half to three quarter inches in diameter. 
Step2: Press the center of the ball down just enough to flatten it a bit. 
Step3: Gently press in the eye sockets using a rounded tool.  I used the end of a paint brush. 

Step4: Press three lines to make the teeth. In hindsight I would extend those lines to wrap around the bottom edge for more definition.

Step5: Using a slim tool, I use the side of a round toothpick, gently nudge the edge of the dough to push in the sides beneath the eye socket area.


Step6: (optional) I poked the toothpick into the top edge of the skull, to make a small hole. I plan on gluing a wire in there later for hanging. You could make a hole all the way through for stringing. I’ve read the best way to do that without distorting the shape is too insert a toothpick into both ends at the same time meeting in the middle.

Bake it at a low temp along with your cutouts, paint when dry and seal with a clear coat.

I used metallic black, pearl white and clear glitter acrylics to make them sparkly and festive. Tiny rhinestones add a little bling too.

Update: Last time I made these I used an x-acto knife to make the teeth imprints on top and then I also pressed the blade into the bottom edge lining up with the marks on top.  I think it looks a lot better this way.



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