Monday, December 9, 2013

Creepmas Cutout Salt Dough Ornaments

I thought salt dough ornaments would be a fun thing to try. I think the recipe is pretty standard no matter where you look, one part salt, one part water and two parts flour, but I really liked the helpful tips from Simply Being Mum, especially the bit about the dough drying out your hands. I like it when people state the obvious, in this case it saved me from having to suffer that feeling of having every bit of moisture sucked out of my hands and wishing I would’ve thought to put on gloves. 

A few helpful tips of my own that I’d like to add:

If you’re like me, wear latex gloves when handling the dough.

I find I roll out dough much more evenly if I flip the dough between every three or four strokes with the rolling pin. 

Rolling it out between wax paper makes it easy to flip. I can’t actually roll out dough between two pieces of paper, that's just the type of special I am. I need to see the dough to get it even. I roll it out on wax paper, then cover it with a second piece, flip it over, peel off the first, then roll it out some more and keep going that way. 

This is also useful after you make your cutouts, flip it over and peel off the paper and you don’t have to worry about trying to spatula them up without distorting them.

Use a straw to cut holes for hanging. 

I knew that besides the traditional holiday shapes I wanted to make a few skulls, but honestly right up until the last minute I didn’t know how I was going to make them and then it hit me. Snowman butts! The bottom half of the snowman cutter turned upside down is a perfect skull shape. I also used the bottom of a marker and a slightly larger diameter Play-Doh toy for the eyes and a Play-Doh toy to make teeth marks.


Works for Non-Creepmas too, who knew?

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