Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Creepmas Coloring Books

I got this coloring book in my stocking for St. Nick.  It's smaller (~7x7) than I'm used to for a coloring book, but it's a good size to stick in a stocking, if you angle it a bit and don't mind it sticking out the top. 

It has metallic shiny red and gold on the front and back cover.  

There's a poem in the beginning, another at the end and hidden items to find throughout.  But of course the best part is the coloring pages.  Even the copyright page has creepy colorable artwork, but there are 27 straight up coloring pages.  Here are a few of my favorites:

I have this Creepy Creepmas coloring book by Rick St. Dennis on my wishlist.

And also this one by Scotty Richard.  From what I can tell from the examples, it has a nice Dr. Seuss style story.  The artwork looks great and it's more like the coloring books I had as a kid, just with lots of cool zombies.  


  1. Those look like so much fun - what do you use to color them?

    1. I honestly love coloring with crayons. You can go matte or glossy by varying the pressure and the colors layer easily. But they are best with old school coloring books because there aren’t so many teen tiny spaces. I haven’t really figured out what I like with these adult coloring books. Colored pencils work really well with the small designs, but I haven’t found a brand where the stupid tip doesn’t break while trying to sharpen it. I like Sharpies because the colors are bold. I might get myself some gel pens for Christmas and see how I like them.