Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Different Sort of Krampus Baby Altogether

And then there's these types of Krampus babies...

This super cute print by Sugar Fueled Art is available at Etsy. 

And another adorable print at Etsy.  This one is by Rambling Eclectica .

Sadly this one by Brett Manning is no longer available on Etsy, but she has lots of other cool stuff. I love that face, it makes me think maybe Krampus was a bit mischievous as a child.  

This cutie is by Tom Bagley over at 7 Deadly Sinners.

That gleeful expression!  This one is by Felicia Cano, another phenomenal artist. 
Seriously if you don't check out all her stuff you are only hurting yourself.

This Krampus baby was sold on Ebay by walliejohnwayne
who has a lot of interesting things for sale. 

Last I will leave you a link to this Krampus baby I saw on Instagram, so you can choose whether or not you want to explain to the person looking over your shoulder why you are looking at a cloven hoofed, horned baby with a rather prominent Prince Albert. The artistry is actually pretty amazing.   


  1. Good thing you kept that last Krampus Baby off of your blog to keep your rating PG!

    1. Yeah this Creepmas started off a little risqué, I’d better tone it down before I wind up on someone’s naughty list.