Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bleeding Backwards

Ok, I just couldn't let this one go.  If you'll recall my last post I found my new catch phrase and the inspiration for my new film that I will never make. Which is more because of my lack of video equipment and the skills to adequately use said non-existent equipment than any restraining order Mr Reznor, may or may not have requested due to diligent efforts to secure his collaboration with the soundtrack.

But I did wake up with fragments of a poem, that I worked together into this:

Bleeding Backwards

I was caught up in a daydream
            When I stumbled into you
I thought you were a daydream
            When I tumbled into you
You drew me from myself

            And that is when I knew
Now I see you bleeding backwards
            And I know not what to do

The days they followed lightly
            Scarce our feet did touch the ground
The days they followed brightly
            Scarce our hearts knew what they’d found
The days they ended nightly
            With you wrapped within my arms
Now I see you bleeding backwards
            And I’m lost without your charms

I thought I heard you whisper
            Another lover’s name
I thought I saw your gaze drop
            To hide your face in shame
I thought I felt you shudder
            And pull yourself away
Now I see you bleeding backwards
            And my love for you decay

You swore it wasn’t true
            But I saw through all your lies
You swore it wasn’t true
            More foul deceitful cries
I know not now my rage
            As I struck that fatal blow
But I see you bleeding backwards
            And how the blood does flow

I see that there was no one
            Just a notion in my head
I see that there was no one
            Just the monsters that I fed
And now I’m left with no one    
            Just regret and pain whereby
I shall see you bleeding backwards
            To the day you caught my eye

I hope this has exercised the demons and I can finally lay this project to rest, it's a long way to go for a potion bottle. I purposely stayed away from definitive pronouns because I believe love isn’t defined by gender or orientation and neither is murderous passion.

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