Friday, May 17, 2013

Bob The Skull Bag

This Bob the Builder bag was originally my son’s. He never did get into Bob the Builder, but it was the perfect size for a three year old to tote around his Hot Wheels cars, which he insisted on carrying himself, everywhere. As he out grew it, I started using it. It was the perfect size for a mom to tote around the essentials for a trip to the park, zoo, etc.

I did eventually buy a bag more my age, but I kept coming back to Bob the Builder. It’s water resistant, lightweight, extremely durable and as I've mentioned, just the right size.  An ideal bag if you ignore the fact that unless you love Bob the Builder, it’s completely hideous. Being that I'm more of a function than fashion girl, for years I did just that, ignored it.

This week I was inspired and Bob will never be the same. While you might not have a Bob the Builder bag of your own, maybe there’s a Disney Princess or Wiggles bag in your life or at the thrift store that’s in need of a makeover.

The bag is a combination of canvas, felt and vinyl. To decorate it I used my limited palette of Sharpie’s, Sharpie fabric pens, Testors Paint Markers, one fabric glitter marker and two buttons glued on with E6000. 

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