Friday, May 3, 2013

Liquid Moonlight

Liquid Moonlight was created by a specialized team of lycanthrope scientists employed by Wolfpack Infusions, because sometimes you just don’t want to wait for a full moon to be able to transform.

The font used for Liquid Moonlight is Alice in Wonderland.  Just for fun I borrowed the side effects from Viagra’s website, since this could be considered a potency issue. 

For directions on how to fold the label head on over to here. After the folding and cutting I laid it out flat again and brushed on a thin layer of acrylic varnish. 

 After that dried, I refolded it lengthwise and glued the open edges together on the end panels. Then I did the fancy fold in the middle and glued those together.  This helps to keep the pages lined up.  It's still a little off since the outside "cover" is the same size as the inside pages, but it works.  Then I colored the cut edges with marker.

I was just going to use an 1/8th inch punch in the corner and tie it on. Instead I braided some very thin hemp with a few seed beads, wrapped it around and knotted the ends together.  I ran two strands inside the booklet down the middle and the other four down the outside, two to the front and two to the back near the spine and knotted them altogether underneath.  This holds the booklet quite securely and it's something new I haven't done before.  
The content is a mixture of floral water gel and acrylic paint mixture of black, blue and silver.

While I was looking up the phases of the moon, (I can never remember gibbous, even though it is so close to gibbons and who can forget monkeys?) and I noticed a lot of links referring to the female cycle and how it corresponds to the moon.
Zero links on whether or not a werewolf ovulates with the full moon, closest hits are references to the movie Ginger Snaps, which I really enjoyed right up until they started with the cheesy special effects.  Note to aspiring directors: Sometimes less is more,  it never hurts to leave a little to the imagination, watch some Hitchcock, he’ll show you how it’s done.  

Anyway believe what you will about human females and the moon, I’m just happy to have found this sentence “Today, many of us are bleeding backwards.”  I just love the way that sounds.
If I had any skill in cinematography, my first film would be a short entitled “Bleeding Backwards”. A sweet, tender love affair, darkened by insecurities and misunderstandings until they reach a boiling point of murderous jealousy.  It would be interspersed with stop-motion blood pooling backwards, telling the story in reverse from the bloody, unwarranted tragic death to the chance moment when our lovers first meet. Trent Reznor would do the soundtrack. 

As it is I'm only skilled in creating bad poetry, but it'll have to do until Trent calls me back.

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