Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Creepy Elves on the 13th Day of Creepmas

For the last day of Creepmas I have something special.  I'm lucky enough to live across the street from a house full of brilliant artists.  This Creepmas delight is the work of the youngest daughter who is currently in middle school. I didn't have skills like that at her age, ok I don't have skills like that now either.  I hope this becomes a tradition, because I would love to see more Creepmas creations from her. 

What's going on with the creepiest elf of all? Well the other day I spotted this yellow raincoat in the store and it immediately sent shivers down my spine. You might wonder why of all things, would an elf who can't go outside except to travel by magic to the North Pole, need a yellow slicker?
Well I have a sneaking suspicion, as anyone else familiar with the movie Alice, Sweet Alice probably does as well.  I saw it decades ago as a kid and for me the killer's disguise of transparent mask and yellow rain slicker is just as eerie and iconic as those of Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees.  There is something most unsettling about a killer with dead eyes behind a mask completely void of emotion. 

Kind of like this guy. Yay, let's give him a yellow raincoat and turn him loose.
What could possibly go wrong? 

Speaking of creepy outfits. I love dressing up for the 1st day of Creepmas,
but this would take it too far. I'm pretty sure I'd freak myself out if I wore this.    

Elf Morphsuit

I keep waiting for kids rebel against Elf on the Shelf.  The little bastard gets away with things their parents would never allow them to do and then has the audacity to sit there and judge them.  I'd love to hear reports of parents waking up at 3am to find their kids making flour angels and doing shots of maple syrup. 
Until then I guess this guy is the next best thing.

I found this video to be oddly satisfying. 
What is inside the Elf on the Shelf? Demons? Hot cocoa? Children's tears?

I'd like to leave this Creepmas season on positive note, so here is
a creepy cute and cuddly Elf that you can have for your very own. 
Devilish Elf by TerrorTedsStore

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