Monday, December 5, 2016

Cthulhu Snowdeity

Ever since I saw this Cthulhu Snowman by amysnotdeadyet, I've wanted to make a real life version.  Well the Old Ones were smiling favorably on us yesterday because not only did we get snow, but we got packing snow. 

These are the ones my daughter made, cute little guys maybe two and a half feet tall.  This morning when she looked outside I heard, "Mom their heads fell off, Cthulhu must have attacked them!" 

I imagined something like a Cthulhu version of Snowmen at Night 
having happened, which would be fun and terrifying. 

A few more snow Cthulhu's from the wonderful internet:

Snow Cthulhoo by Peter L.

Snow Cthulhu by The Savage One

While I was getting out my winter gear I questioned whether a woman in her 40's should really be purchasing all her hats and gloves in the children's department.  
Then I figured if that's where all the cool stuff is, then hell yeah. 

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