Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Creepmas Cards

Yesterday I mentioned the card that inspired my snow Cthulhu and this is it.
Cthulhu Snowman by amysnotdeadyet 
And here are a few more for sale...

Cthulhu Decorating the Tree by amysnotdeadyet

Evil Giant Snowmen by DavePollot

Cthulhu Santa by Surlyben

Tentacle Christmas by alternatehistories

Skull, Demon and Zombie Santas by BarneyBodoanoThings

Amy Winfrey is the genius behind Making Fiends.

The following are either not for sale, not cards or a combination
of the two, but I think they would all make lovely Creepmas cards.

Cthulhu Claus by Mark Helwig
There's another great Cthulhu Claus on his website.

Mariel Clayton has a whole series of pictures with Barbie as
a homicidal maniac and also some naughty elf ones
that would make awesomely inappropriate holiday cards. 

Snowflakes by Eric Boeker

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