Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Creepmas Creature Rises Again!

Part man, part beast, part shrubbery, part goddess, no one really knows what it is or where it comes from.  Some say it was the product of an unwholesome union between a hodag, a bigfoot and a Christmas tree.  Others say it was forged during The Great Battle when Christmas merchandise was unwisely placed next to Halloween items unjustly clearanced at the end of September. All that is known for sure is that it only comes out on the 1st of December to deliver goodies in celebration of the first day of Creepmas.

This year one of the area residents managed to capture this rare photo of the creature performing it's annual ritual. 

To learn more about the 13 Days of Creepmas click on this link or on the Creepy Santa badge in the upper right hand corner.  Be sure to check out the other participating Creeps. If you're curious about my Creepmas favorites, past and present check out my Creepmas board on Pinterest. 

This year's delightfully dreadful morsels were:

Zombie Bites - Cranberry Pistachio White Chocolate Truffles - It was the picture of the truffle with the bite out of it that got me thinking of zombies in the first place with all the lovely red and green bits.

I only made half the recipe because people can be quite hateful towards nuts and I'm not talking about people with allergies, although that would be understandable even if it's not the nut's fault really, but just people who don't like nuts and act like anytime they find nuts in their food it must be some sort of personal vendetta against them.

Half the recipe yielded 18 one tablespoon sized truffles. 

I didn't follow all the instructions. I thought they were more complicated than need be.  I put the chocolate, butter and cream together in a microwavable bowl, nuked it for 1 minute at 50% power, stirred until it was all mixed and then stirred in the extract.

Elf Brains - Instead of making my usual truffle brains, I made white chocolate coated Oreos, which is actually what the molds are made for.  I decided to use the peppermint flavored Oreos in the spirit of the holidays even though I don't know if they are gross or not. The kids liked them and said the peppermint flavor had also infused the chocolate coating. 

Corpse Hands - Peppermint Bark - I used 8oz of white chocolate, 4 tsp of crushed peppermint candy (Normally I use twice that, no reason why I didn't, just had a brain fart. They were fine, just had a very mild mint flavor.) and 6oz of semi-sweet chocolate to fill four molds.

Microwave white chocolate at 50% for 1 minute, stir microwave again at 50% for 40-60 seconds.  Stir until completely melted and stir in peppermint candy.  Divide amongst molds and chill.  Melt the semi-sweet chocolate and top the molds off.  Chill again. 

Grinch Cookies - Gooey Monster Eye Cookies - I saw these with all their eyeball and greeniness and knew they would be perfect for Creepmas. 

I find the smell of box cake mixes to be nauseating, but the kids liked these and that's all that matters. Using a 1.5 tablespoon scoop yielded 32 cookies.

I've never made any claims to having great cookie decorating skills, but if you look at them from the right angle and you squint a little bit, these cookies totally almost look just like the Grinch. 

The peanut gallery wanted to know why I was putting mustaches on the cookies. After that it was even harder for me to decorate because the cookies started talking to me in really bad French accents and making me laugh.

Oui oui mon cheri !


  1. Love the Creepmas creature!

    I was thinking the monster cookies looked like Oscar the Grouch until you said they had bad French accents - then that was all I saw - LOL! Either way, they're great. Did they taste good?
    Lisa at Maple Grove Cemetery

    1. The Creepmas Creature is pretty fun. It’s fun to see everyone’s faces light up when It comes to their door.

      I thought the cookies looked more Oscar than Grinch too. I think yellow eyes would have been a little better, but I kind of like them more with mustaches now. For whatever reason the smell of cake mix gags me, so I didn’t eat any cookies, but I had quite a few people tell me they were really good and my kids want me to make them again, so I'm gonna assume they taste good. They are definitely easy to make.