Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Montauk Monster Skull

This is a Montauk Monster Skull from Harrie Skarie’s Rare & Exotic Animals

I’ve had this skull for years, since high school.  One day a boy said, “Hey I’ve got this skull I don’t want anymore, you want it?”, because I guess I’m the kind of girl one naturally thinks of when they have surplus skulls laying around.  Which I must be, because where some girls might have been put off, I was delighted. I displayed it for a while as is, but there was already some damage and missing teeth, so it has spent most of its time safely in storage.  Once I started making potion bottles, displaying it in a jar became a no-brainer. 
The Montauk monster was a hoax, or maybe it wasn’t, but I thought the name fit the skull nicely. I don’t know who Harrie Skarie is, but I’m sure that’s not his real name and I can’t wait to see what other things he has in store for me.

The bottle was a craft store purchase.  The label is plain, I imagine Mr Skarie is a pretty simple guy.  Since I have an ink jet and can’t age my labels with a tea or coffee wash, I used an antiqued background.  The cork was painted black and sponged with metallic green, because I like sparkly.  I added a little raffia around the top and some moss inside to cushion the skull. 

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