Monday, October 1, 2012

Pure Dragon Blood Extract

I thought October 1st would be a fitting day to start a blog about potion bottles.
This was one of my first bottles.  It’s Pure Dragon Blood Extract made by a company called Dark Brew. 
It's an inexpensive glass bottle from Michaels craft store. I swirled some watered down acrylic black paint around the inside to “age” it.  The twine wrapped around the top got the black water treatment and the cork received a coat of straight black. 

The label was designed in PowerPoint, with clip art and fonts from the same.  Maybe someday I’ll get serious and look into something better, but for now it suits my needs. 
I have an ink jet printer, to keep the colors from running I first spray all my labels with a clear acrylic.  After that dries I paint on a layer of acrylic varnish to further protect them and give them a glossy look.
To get the two sides of the label to match up evenly, I roughly cut out around one side and glued it to a cereal box to give it some thickness.  Once it dried I cut out both sides exactly and then glued them together.  The cut edge of the cardboard really stood out so I colored it with a black Sharpie.                                                                                    
The blood is Living Nightmare Gel Blood. I had some leftover from a costume, it makes really nice blood drips. When heated it liquefies and then cools rather quickly back to a solid gel. It’s very red, but it picked up some of the black wash from the bottle which gave it a deeper color.



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