Saturday, October 6, 2012

Devil Firefish Eyeballs

Not only are they potent in brews, but you can pop them in your mouth like grapes for a late night snack when you’re working past the witching hour. 

The bottle is another craft store purchase filled with sticky eyeballs.  As eyeballs go they are not very realistic looking, but I think calling them fisheyes gives them a little more credibility.
The label started with some fish clipart and I just layered them with other stuff that I thought looked cool. Then I had to find a name that would tie all that mess together.  Behold the Devil Firefish, which are not only beautiful, but poisonous, so they should fit right in with the rest of the bottles.  I went a little silly with some fronts I downloaded from  I used Eyesis by Shrine of Isis, Red or dedd and Flame by Fontomen and JI Starfish by Jeri Ingalls.

For the label I used a cereal box as the base.  I glued on one side of the label, lining the middle of the label with a side crease on the box.  It’s just easier to use the nice clean folds that are already there, than making your own.  I cut out the glued label and the remaining label and glued them together. Running a Sharpie along the edge to blacken the exposed cardboard gives it a nice finish.  The label was then attached with raffia threaded through a hole punched in the top corner. 

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