Thursday, October 4, 2012

Snake Oil and Spider Venom

Following the first rule of potion labels, I’ve embellished a little.  Snake oil has become Enhydris Chinensis Oil and spider venom has become Phoneutria Arachnid Venom. 

Enhydris Chinensis is the scientific name for Chinese Water Snake and in case I forget that, the fine print says “extracted from Chinese Water Snakes”.  I thought all snake oil was phony, but apparently the real stuff comes from Chinese Water snakes and might actually help with pain and inflammation.  Interesting, but not worth killing snakes over. 
Phoneutria Arachnid is a fancy way of saying Brazilian Wandering Spider, again I can look to the fine print for help translating.  I felt if I was going to have spider venom I might as well go all out and get it from the most venomous spiders.  Don’t look too closely at my bottle, it’s spelled wrong and I haven’t gotten around to redoing it yet. It has been corrected on the printable label. Hey I did get 8 out of 10 letters, that’s passing isn’t it?

A little information about the company, Bloodstone Inc. was established in 1401.  The bloodstone is thought to have healing powers and you might notice they’ve incorporated the ankh into their logo which is the Egyptian symbol for life.  It all ties in with their line of medicinal products.  Alright, that’s a load of rubbish. I like the way the ankh looked with the rose, and the rose is blood red, so I thought blood rose…bloody nose…blood rock…Bloodstone!

The bottles were a craft store purchase. I painted the cork and raffia blood red to match the logo.  This was my first attempt at coloring floral gel water.  I used gel food coloring which didn’t fully mix. There are a few droplets sitting at the bottom, but I just tell myself that’s naturally occurring sediment.   


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