Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Craft Party Potion Bottles

Every year I throw a Halloween craft party for kids and adults alike. Not surprisingly one of the crafts is making potion bottles.  Here are a few examples of what some of the younger attendees came up with. 
The Ashes of Vampire is old cumin and broken vampire teeth.  The label is free courtesy of Dave Lowe.  He makes amazing props and has wonderful tutorials to go with them.  So stop on by and check them out and while you are over there, do yourself a favor and visit his cartoon Para Abnormal. 

Next up we have an assortment from the people at Bone Pack, including Goblin Flesh (torn paper), Zombie Teeth (colored plastic), Road Kill (assorted rubber items), Bloody Brain (food color and model magic), Alien Skin (a layer of craft glue spread on a real live human arm, the inner mostly hairless part, dried and then pealed off) and Finger Bones (plastic bones from a broken necklace)

Here we have dangerous Man Eating Tarantulas.  They may look like harmless plastic spiders, but the lid says Leave Alone, Danger, Do Not Open, so I think I'll let them be. 
There is also a full bottle of Wake the Dead on hand. The instructions on the back say to pour over a grave and rule the dead.

Dr Jumbie's Magic Beans are really just old coffee beans and glitter. Preparing for the craft party entails cleaning out the pantry.  Anything dried that is past it's prime gets new life at the potion table.  The label is another freebie, this time from Phee McFaddell.

It's hard to see the label underneath all it's ghostliness, but this one is aptly named Ghost's Breath.  The bottle is filled with cotton batting.  A little more cotton makes the head which is wrapped in flowing white scraps of tulle.

This is a jar of Ogre Toes.  The label is a free printable from Fantasy Jr. that has been modified.  The ogre toes are made of Crayola Model Magic, and the toenails are cut from an opaque plastic bottle, both are colored with markers.

Last but not least, I'd like to share with you the Remains of the Zombie. A little water and food coloring really makes these plastic novelties look gruesome.   

I love the fresh ideas my party goers come up with, but the best part is hearing phrases like, "Oh, that's disgusting!" joyfully given as praise.

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