Friday, February 8, 2013

Mummy Fingers

You can start by following the mummy hand instructions. Wrap the fingertips, down and around the fingers and a little past because you'll be distressing the ends.
This is also a nice back up plan if you have a mummy hand failure.  In this case I did a quick demonstration to show the basics.  I didn’t cover the entire hand or use many layers, so I ended up with half a hand that had falling off fingers.  Rather than toss the whole thing, I ripped off the fingers and stuffed them.
Tearing the fingers off lent to the appearance that the bandages had frayed over time. So if you are just making fingers I would pull off some bits of the plaster cloth from the bottom edges. Also refer back to the mummy hands to give  them some nice tea wash coloring.   

Cut drinking straws close to the length of each finger.  Tear wide strips of white paper coil it really tight and insert it in the straw with a little bit sticking out.  Then I wrapped the straws in some brown napkins we had on hand, but tissue paper would work too.  Then insert the whole thing into a finger, it should fit snug.

Mix a small amount of equal parts glue and water. Dab the mixture onto the finger ends with a paint brush until it’s saturated.  Use something pointy like tooth pick to rough up the paper and push it around to fill any gaps.
I mixed a little copper paint with water and dabbed that around the brown paper, and added a few touches of red.  Authentic? No.  Pretty? Well I think so.

And here is what they look like in a jar.
It’s a plastic children's vitamin bottle.  I like the color.  Because it had a safety cap with raised lettering I had to get creative.  I covered the top with air dry clay and scratched the Eye of Ra symbol into it, again for no other reason than I thought it looked pretty. Then I covered the sides and the top edge with paper clay to give it a little texture.  I painted it with black acrylic and let it dry.  I sponged metallic green on a few spots, then sponged copper over most of it and finally used a dry sponge to pick some of color back off before it dried. 

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