Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Witch's Grave Dirt

Premium Witch’s Grave Dirt, distributed by Midnight Diggers.

Because our Premium Grave Dirt is collected at the height of potency during a full moon at midnight, you only need to use half the amount called for in most potions.
For best quality store in a dank dark cellar.
There is an unbelievable amount of information on the Internet about graveyard dirt.  You can find everything from the best times to collect and which graves to collect from, to suggestions of payment to the grave’s inhabitant and spells in which to use it.  I just mixed and matched stuff that sounded good and made a few things up.  You can use my labels or use the blank one to have fun making up your own. 
The oval shape of the salad dressing bottle dictated the shape of the label and I found this cool frame at the Graphics Fairy.  I morphed it using PowerPoint and Photoshop.  I used fonts that came with MS Office, Chiller for the front, and Colonna Mt for the back. 
I filled it with potting soil, which is a little lame, I really need to replace it. I am pretty sure most graveyard dirt doesn’t have little white bits in it. Rather than have to appease any spirits though, I’ll just get some duty free dirt from the backyard. 

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