Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zombie Pumpkin - Part Five, Wooden Fence

The fence was created with craft sticks, clothes pins and 22 gauge wire. I used the template to cut the sticks down to size and marked where the wire should go across. I also numbered them to keep them in order. I gradually decreased the size to try giving an illusion of distance in the back, I can’t really say it made a difference. I constructed the fence in halves, to make it easier to insert into the pumpkin, the split was hidden behind the tree after it was all assembled. 

To wire the pieces together you’ll need four lengths of wire three times the length of the section of fence. Fold each of the wires in half. Start with the longest craft stick at the center of the gate. Twist each of the wires around the stick at the marked intervals. Give each wire two or three twist depending on far you want to space your sticks. The wire needs to be snug enough that the craft sticks won’t slip out. It’s easier to keep things tight if you do your twists with a small pair of pliers.

For the large clothespin posts you still have to wire in a short craft stick and then the clothespin slips right over the top.  

After it’s all wired together, you can paint it. My M. O. for painting just about anything is to start with a base coat of flat black and then randomly slap on other colors until I make pretty. In this case I used copper and silver.

Coming up next will be Part Six, Finishing Touches.
Fence Template

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