Thursday, February 21, 2013

Zombie Pumpkin - Part Two, Pint Sized Zombies

If you’re not familiar with Polly Pockets they are little dolls about three inches tall.  Sometimes they break.  Some might be inclined to just throw them away when that happens, but I know teeny tiny dismembered gold when I see it.  All they need is a little makeover. 

At my zombie spa salon they all received an acrylic paint skin treatment to give them that mottled green, grey unhealthy hue.  Wounds were decorated with bits of tissue, painted dark maroon with a bit of copper mixed in to add sparkle.  No, this is not the first time I’ve blinged blood, but I can think of worse ways to accessorize, like with sparkly vampires. 

Then onto wardrobe where they received custom fit garments, cut from scraps of fabric and glued on.  The clothes also received a few sparkly blood accents.   

Moving on, they had their hair done.  I used two types of dolls, the Polly Pockets that I’ve already mentioned and the Disney Princess version, both types are probably four or five years old, so this information is dated. The only real difference between the two is the hair.  Both have plastic molded hair but with the Disney dolls it’s a separate piece from the head, that you can just pop off.  The one got some scraggly hair I snagged from my daughter's doll brush and a gushing head wound. The other, the blushing bride has a special do. 

When I was little I decided to give myself a haircut.  Apparently I didn’t do a very good job, but it wasn’t a total loss. My mom made these little people with corncob bodies, googly eyes, and little felt clothes and of course they were all sporting chunks of my hair.  My daughter only cut off a lock a hair with her trusty pair of safety scissors, but it was enough to give my bride soft beautiful hair.  Now you know where my thrifty craftiness comes from and also that I may be genetically predisposed to create voodoo dolls. 

For the Polly Pockets I glued little snippets of doll hair to their heads to give it a little texture. 

The very last touch was to give them red glittery eyes. Yes, more glitter. I’m sure I can stop anytime, I just choose not to.

Coming up next will be Part Three, Clay Headstones.

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