Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Zombie Pin-Up Calendar

Look what my husband got me for Creepmas!

He says it’s NOT a Creepmas present, but I ignore him because it obliviously is.
He’s a bit bah-humbug about Creepmas.
He says it’s not a REAL holiday. It’s just something people made up.
I say that’s every holiday, but he ignores me even though I'm obliviously right.
Then we give each other that look that silently means we agree to disagree.
That’s a nice way of not saying, “I think you’re being utterly too stupid for me to even bother trying to talk some sense into you.”
He says St. Nick’s isn’t a real holiday either.
St. Nick ignores him and fills his stocking anyway.

But let’s hear more about my awesome Creepmas present. 

It’s a Zombie Pin-Up Calendar!
But wait there’s more! 
All the proceeds go to help fund the Broom St. Theater!
And that’s not all!
It contains their 2014 schedule, so you’ll never miss a play!

I was introduced to Broom St. years ago by a woman named Karen who I have unfortunately lost touch with, so if you happen to run into her, tell her I said hi. Broom Street is one of many reasons I will forever be indebted to her. I’ve seen some of the most amazing plays there.

For more information on Broom Street Theater check out their website BSTonline.org

For more information on their Zombie Pin-Up Calendar check out Facebook.

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