Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Perler Bead Skull Ornaments

I came up with this design using leftover perler beads from a kit. 

To hang it on a decorative hook, I added 7mm square jump rings to the corner and attached a bow to hide the jump rings. If you don’t happen to have that stuff laying around, just use thread or ribbon.
The design below started out as a creative exercise to use exactly all of the leftover beads,
but he’s my favorite now. 

To get that shimmery look, sprinkle fine glitter over the beads, cover with parchment paper and iron as you normally would. It also helps to have a layer of parchment paper under the peg board if you want to keep glitter off your ironing board.  

 Here’s the design that was left on the paper after I flipped it over and glittered the other side. Yes, I took a picture of it, I think it looks cool. 
Here are diagrams of the designs, plus a bonus one I might make some day if I get more beads and a larger peg board. Or you can design your own, has printable blank patterns, and an online designer.   

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