Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Creepmas Ornaments

Here are some wonderfully creepy ornaments I saw on Etsy. 

This little angler and snowmen are by 5erg.  I love the grumpy snowman in the middle. 

This steampunk snowman is from AlternativeJewellery, they also had some cool 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' stuff. 

 And yet another awesome snowman, this one by artsycraftsyfolks.

And still more snowmen, these creepy cute guys are from SpookyHollow

This fabulous ornament is by CarnalBarker. What can I say I'm a sucker for anything with eyeballs and teeth. 

I can't decide which is cuter the snowman head or bat from WhimsyCalling.

Here is a creepy crawly from WhimzyGrimzy.

Here's a few ornaments I saw at Hobby Lobby.  Not my favorite store, but I always like to look for Creepmas inspiration.  I wonder if they realize they have the largest selection of Creepmas ornaments in town. Some are creepy cute, some are just creepy and some things like this display just make my eyes hurts. Seriously when did Candy Land throw up on the North Pole? 


I admit I couldn't resist, I bought the zombie ornament. I mean WWJD? 
Here's a few Creepmas ornaments that I received as gifts.  

And here's a Creepmas ornament that I made for a friend this year.  It's only about 3 inches tall, but it's filled with Creepmas cheer.

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