Thursday, December 11, 2014

Creepmas Shrinky Dinks

Earlier this year I played with shrinky dinks and here they are again in Creepmas form.  Since that time I've taken to wearing latex gloves while handling them so I don't have to worry about fingerprints. 

I love using Crayola glitter markers to accent things, but it smears easily after the shrinky dinks come out of the oven.  Make sure to let it dry completely, before touching. I recommend spraying with at least two coats of an acrylic clear coat. I like to use a spray first to set and then brush on a clear coat for a glossier finish.  I rushed the last batch and only did one coat and then when I applied a liquid coat with a brush, the glitter smeared all over. 

For the Santa skull beard and hat trim I used a white paint pen.  I wasn't sure if it would crack from baking, but it worked fine.  I found the Santa at EnjoyColoring.

Here are my painters tape skulls adapted for Creepmas.  Remember they shrink down to about a third of the original size. 

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