Saturday, December 5, 2015

Calvin & Hobbes Snowmen

I love Calvin & Hobbes
Calvin is supreme ruler in the universe of twisted imaginations and his delightfully macabre snowmen are perfect for this season of Creepmas. 
I had thought about making some "Snowman House of Horror" cupcakes.  Why, I don't know. I'm not very good at food decorating. And it's not a medium I enjoy, so I don't have any intentions of ever getting good at it.  But I get these ideas and they won't go away until I follow through.  Luckily while searching for images of Calvin's creations I found the following awesome confections.  They are totally almost exactly what I was going to do except for they are 1,002% better then what I would have actually done. So now I don't actually have to make them.   
This fabulous cupcake is from 
Make sure you follow the link to check them all out.
Here is the whole Snowman House of Horrors on top of a cake from

And here is the same theme staggered throughout a layer cake at


This link at wikia gives a chronological breakdown to the snowmen comics.
There is a separate link that tackles the Snow Goons.     
Here are Snow Goons Lego style by Tyler Sky. 

This is a great collection of pictures of real snowmen at I like how they've grouped the comic strip based ones together with the inspiring comic.  I also really like that you can view them all just by scrolling down and not having to click through multiple frames for each picture. Seriously, I can't say that enough how wonderful it is to just look through a list of items in one shot.  Yeah I know, first world issues, still grateful.

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