Friday, December 4, 2015

Creepmas Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas for that special creepy someone this holiday season?  Well if I were that creepy someone here's what I would like:

This completely adorable guy from Spooky Hollow.

Or how about a creepy cute Santa from PaperMoonGallery?

These RAWR Creatures have already sold, but she does custom work, so I think there's a good chance of getting some just as lovable goofy little guys.

I love this little fuzzy felted snow snake from
The book is still available, but I don't see the snake listed anymore,
which makes me sad, because now I really want a snow snake. 

And here's another milky white snake
 that's no longer available at etsy from Vilnone.
I'm just going to rename this post:
"White Felted Snakes I Can't Have for Creepmas"
Here is an albino rat snake that I can't have either. 
This cute little guy from ZeMode is actually still available!
Ok, so I'll stop hijacking my own post now. 

Who wouldn't want these softie holiday microbes from
Tentacle Kitty is always the perfect gift for any occasion.
This Little One comes in a festive Seafoam green. 

How adorable is this Reindeer VooDoo Doll by PumpkinBones?
He comes with "3 pins for your punishing pleasure." 
Sigh, if only all presents came with extras for your punishing pleasure. 

Lots of stuffies on my list, obviously I have a deep rooted
desire to snuggle up to something soft and cuddly,
preferably with sharp teeth or tentacle like appendages. 

Or you could get something a little more practical, like Elf Sweat soap
and zombie products, because zombies are always in season.

How about some Krampus lip balm from 
for a stocking stuffer? They also have zombie farts, and
Cthulhu lip balm, if you'd like to go that route. 

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