Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Creepmas Ornaments

Here are some awesomely creepy ornaments for your viewing pleasure:
Love the idea of having a Doctor Who Weeping Angel on top of the tree. 
I found this one at

 This Cthulhu topper is from the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society.

The following are found on Etsy.
This Snowman Cthulhu ornament is by DraigAthar.

AuntLilliesAttic has a lot of unique ornaments.  This is the first creepy Christmas pickle I've seen. 

Also love this Krampus also by AuntLilliesAttic. 

Here is another adorable Krampus by hiGuys

Crazy cute Santa from Monstermaud.

Creepy cute angel from HeartFeltPlush

Tree Goblin by pippenwycks.

I could do some damage with this spiked metal ball by SwampMamaStudios

I saw this one at, "A collection of awkward and unsettling ornaments bought at Southern California estate sales." The others are worth checking out as well, but I really liked this one titled "Mary Had a Little Maggot." That just makes me giggle.   

These are just unsettling things I saw after Creepmas last year. This sock monkey was huge.  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and rip your face off huge. 

This snowman is so, so wrong.

We picked this owl out last year, he looks likes he's undergone some serious animal testing.  

When you like creepy, your friends give you creepy cute stuff like this sock monkey.  He's just a little guy, so he can't rip our faces off. 

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