Thursday, December 10, 2015

Santa Snakes & Snails and Cat O' Nine Tails

I got a good deal on this snail awhile back and thought I'd zombify him.  I still haven't figured out what I can do to make him more zombie like, so I haven't change a thing.  Yes, this is exactly how he looked when I found him, minus the santa hat. 

He's still out from Halloween, and my husband, not the Halloween enthusiast, asked me when he's going to get put away.  So I did what I always do around this time when I can't let go of something Halloweeny yet, I gave him a holiday makeover.  Years before Creepmas was a thing, I found throwing on a santa hat on something will buy me at least another month.

I had to make a hat for him and I was trying to decide what to make.  A big hat that covers his head with holes for his eyestalks, a little one slung back behind his eyestalks, maybe a teeny tiny one between his eyestalks.  Snail fashion is complicated.  So I thought WWGD.  What would Gary (from SpongeBob) do? Not thinking, I google, "gary santa hat".  To my surprise a ton of images of snakes in santa hats popped up.  Are there a lot of snakes named Gary? Anyway, a lot of them weren't just any old snakes, they were ball pythons.  I adore ball pythons. So that's how I found all these awesome pictures:

By the way I did google, "gary snail santa hat" and I found this. 
Sorry Gary, but the whole "hats on both eyestalks" thing just doesn't work for me. 
And here are some more snails in santa hats:
If you know how to knit there are free patterns to make these guys at

Lots of Christmas themed snail stickers at, wish there were some that said Creepmas. 

Also I promised a cat o' nine tails. I think this one would make a great gift for Krampus.  Bet nobody ever thinks to give him something.


  1. Snakes in Santa hats - too cute!

    1. I know they are so adorable and not just in Santa hats…
      check out
      or don't, snakes in hats can be addicting.