Sunday, December 6, 2015

Monsters at the North Pole

St. Nick came last night and filled our stockings.  There's lots of information about St. Nicholas, but basically she's the patron saint of chocolate and Lego mini-figs. 
The chocolate part she does pretty well.  There are always Lindt truffles in our stockings and I always get the dark chocolate ones because I'm awesome and everyone else gets milk chocolate because their tastebuds were destroyed during alien abduction experiments. 
Now I don't want to sound ungrateful, but she sucks at picking out  mini-figs.  I happen to know she can spend fifteen minutes feeling up mini-fig bags and still wind up with 2 out 3 being duplicates. 
I feel her pain, last year I found myself in the Lego aisle feeling bags. This guy came down the aisle, he looked at me and I thought he was going to question what I was doing or at least hedge away, lest I be a crazy person.  No, he just sighed, took a spot on the other side of the mini-fig display and started feeling up bags. Maybe if I could reach some sort of Zen-like state, be one with the foil bag, I could see with my fingertips. But I have never once been able to predetermine a mini-fig by touch and so I have sworn off feeling up bags for good.
Again on reliable information, I happen to know this year St. Nick bought some mini-figs locally and some off, for a total of three separate purchases.  Being that this series was monsters, she went for broke and got the kids and I each four mini-figs.  As you can see from the picture above, her 2 out 3 duplicate ratio never wavered.  Good thing St. Nick was never in the Hunger Games, the odds are definitely not in her favor.   
On a good note, if Santa's Workshop is going to be adorned with gargoyles, it's nice to have a matched set.  And yes monsters of any kind are always welcome at the North Pole.  Well except Cookie Monster, he's been banned since that incident in 1983.   

Duplicate or not these guys are all pretty cool.

Love, love, love the zombie guy with his Zombie Times newspaper. 

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