Thursday, December 3, 2015


Hogswatch is sort of Discworld's version of Christmas in Terry Pratchett's novel Hogfather.  When the Hogfather disappears Death decides to fill in for him, which makes it a wonderful story for Creepmas.  In the past we've done our own version of Santa Death, but I have yet to do an official Hogswatch craft.  Instead I offer up these fantastic works of art:
Here are two from puggdog at Her Hogfather is amazing.  I would describe how amazing, but words wouldn't be enough and the pictures say it all. 

The here is her festive Hogswatch DEATH Wreath. If you like Discworld check out her other fan art.
Here is another DEATH as the Hogfather, with a real skull and it looks like other assorted parts, again at by skullgrrl.
This is another find, the Sock Eater by thai binturong.  She makes all manner of creatures real or imaginary. 
There is a tutorial over at for making this adorable Swamp Dragon ornament.
And if you are looking to send out Hogswatch cards you can get them at
Merry Creepmas and a Happy Hogswatch!

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